The GEBUTEX woven goods collection

What makes the perfect fabric? The comfort of wearing it, its durability or its care properties?

Depending on the planned final product, we produce woven goods with tailor-made properties for our clients. Already at the development of materials, we orient ourselves to the future demands of the finished product.

With GEBUTEX Premium-Micro Active and Micro-Power-Sports, for example, we created exceptional products made especially for equestrian: the materials are permanently elastic, dimensionally stable, durable, breathable, moisture regulating and easy to clean. The elasticity of the GEBUTEX Premium-Micro Active-tissue as well as the Micro-Power-Sports provides for freedom of movement and wear comfort.

Constantly, we provide our clients with a high-quality and up-to-date fabric collection:

For ladies outerwear we produce elastic and inelastic materials in all imaginable colours and variants: blended fabrics from cotton, wool, spandex, polyester or also polyamide.

For men's outerwear we offer fine combed top woven wool fabrics in elastic and stable form. Our high-quality program contains different binding structures, single as well as shade and pinstripes. The main compounds of these substances consist of cotton, wool, spandex, polyester, silk as well as viscose.

In the range of sports apparel we offer high-quality, highly elastic and very sustainable fabrics:  these are mainly used for equestrian and golf and are available in all imaginable colours and variants according to customer requirements.  The mixtures for these substances contain cotton, Lycra, polyamide, viscose or microfiber.

Our fabrics for workwear are versatile and very durable. We produce for chimney sweepers, as well as cooks, priests or authorities.

In our technical fabrics we mainly make use of polyester and polyamide fabric with different coatings, as well as of cotton.  We also have bi-elastic fabric for ironing machines in the program. These are highly durable and remain steam-permeable up to 130 ° C.